Meet the team

Blendsmiths is built upon friendships that have lasted a lifetime. There was no money tree at the bottom of the garden when we started out, just a lot of passion, energy, love and a spare garage (Blendsmiths HQ for the first year).

As we grow, we hire people that share the same common values as we do. Good people with a huge desire to be part of something special.  

Ryan Moore

Blend of choice - 51% Dark Chocolate

Chris Farnworth

Blend of choice - Turmeric & Cinnamon

Tiffany Levy
Partner & Accounts

Blend of choice - Masala Chai

Tarryn Farnworth

Blend of choice - Original Chocolate

Jasmine Feingold
Marketing Executive

Blend of choice - 100% Ceremonial Japanese Matcha

Rob Trengove

Blend of choice - Original Chocolate

Our team

Between us, we have decades of experience in the food & beverage industry across product development, operations, marketing and sales. Our passion lies in the curiosity of creation and what can be achieved when natures most wonderful ingredients are blended together.

We all share one common goal; to create products that take you on a journey of taste exploration. 

What our customers say

“We love Blendsmiths and have worked with them since 2017. Their Hot Chocolates and Chai's are praised by our baristas as great quality and easy to work with. Importantly our customers love the drinks and keep coming back for more. They're always keen to support and take a real interest in our business. If we're in need, they bust a gut to help, always going the 'extra mile'.”

Lewin Chalkley
Owner, Look Mum No Hands

“Upon first taste, Blendsmiths was a definite must have and has been a trusted staple at Ancestors Coffee ever since the first try. The quality far surpasses others in the market and redefines what a hot chocolate should be“

Ceiran Trigg
Owner, Ancestors Coffee

“Blendsmiths allowed us to serve drinks alongside our coffees that have the samelevel of craft and attention we put into every aspect of Proper Order “

Niall Wynn
Owner, Proper Order Coffee

“ I understand that even if the work isn't perfect, it's still a work in progress. I think it's a safe space. “

Freddy Lopez

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