An enormous amount of love goes into our creations, the last thing we want is for you to miss out on the true Blendsmiths experience. Nobody enjoys a badly made drink but by following a couple of simple steps, thankfully you won't have to! 

blended to be different;
blended to be extraordinary





Make em' hot!

Steam Wand 

There are a number of great contraptions available in the market but If you want the cafe experience, you will find the best steam wands attached to espresso machines.

Step 1 - Pour your milk into a pitcher, add Blendsmiths powder and use the steam wand to heat to temperature. The ideal temperature is between 68 - 72 degrees, basically if it's too hot for your hand, it's too hot for your mouth.

Step 2 - Alternatively, add Blendsmiths powder and a touch of hot water into a cup and stir into a silky paste.
Pour milk into your pitcher, heat to temperature and pour on top of the paste. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your latte art skills!


Our superfood blends are based on drinking traditions adopted worldwide for centuries, many of ancient heritage and used during ceremonial gatherings.

Traditionally, hot water ONLY was used to mix with the natural ingredients. 

However, we suggest using this method only for our Jpanese Matcha products.

Milk Frother

The milk frother is the hottest property in the kitchen right now and for good reason, they are super easy to use and do a great job; this is the method we use in our own home.

Pour a cup full of milk into the milk frother and add the recommended dose of Blendsmiths powder. Usually, the frother will have a selection of buttons randing from cappuccino foam to no foam, select one and wait for the magic to finish.

Pour yourself a drink, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Old School

Measure and pour your milk into a pan. Keep on a low heat and add your Blendsmiths powder.

 Keep stirring, this allows all the ingredients to mix in with the milk evenly. Once simmering, your drink is ready.

Pour into your cup, sit back, put your favourite show on and indulge.

Get more from your blends

Iced Blends

Great in summer, perfect all year round.

Using our blends and turning them into iced lattes couldn't be easier.

Option 1 -  Simply pour a cup of milk into a blender, add Blendsmiths powder, a few cubes of ice and blast away. (Tip - add 2 scoops of yogurt or 1 scoop of ice cream).

Option 2 - Add a handful of ice to your cup, heat milk and Blendsmiths powder separately in a pitcher and pour into cup over ice.

Other Drinks

Get experimenting!

Whether you're adding Blendsmiths to protein shakes, milkshakes or making cocktails - our cretions will add a host of flavours guaranteed to liven up any recipe.


If you love to bake, simply add any Blendsmiths blend to your recipe and create some unique to wow your friends and your taste buds.

Many of our customers bake cakes, cookies and pastries.


Are you looking to spice up pancake day, brighten up your morning granola or add more flavour to those home made biscuits.

Just add any Blendsmiths blend to your recipe.

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