A blend of nature

Crafted for the Curious

We are passionate vegan drink innovators, putting a modern twist on ancient drinks.

It's not coffee, nor tea but an alternative drink option designed to take you and your
taste buds on a journey sensation.

Our latest release - 70% Ghanaian Chocolate Blend

The wait is over, our new chocolate blend is finally here and boy is it worth the wait!

We ventured across to Ghana in search of a new flavour that could match up to the quality of our existing chocolate blends, but at the same time provide a much different flavour profile.

This distinctive Ghanaian drinking chocolate provides delicate notes of sumptuous red fruits. A strong body of cocoa, yet elegantly sweet. This drinking chocolate is seriously tempting at all times of the day.

And don't be put off by the 70% cocoa. For the dark chocolate lovers out there, this release will no doubt be music to your ears but don't be worried if you're not a usual dark chocolate person. This is a vibrant drink, and much lighter than one would expect, it's easy to drink and hits notes of really intriguing excitement.  


Welcoming our winter blends

Keep warm and drink deliciousness

Our Chilli Chocolate Drink Blend is designed specifically for those people expecting a kick AND our White Chocolate Blend is rich, creamy and everything you would hope for from a proper white chocolate, no synthetic flavours here!

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Nothing. But.


We hope that our love of high quality, natural ingredients, coupled with our care for the planet, shines through in our meticulously crafted creations.

We blend from the ground up, to the heights of our imagination and we have fun with many of the world’s natural ingredients to create a taste to remember.



We are friends, family and a community that believes in creating a better future. Wearing Blendsmiths merchandise spreads the love across our beautiful country.

You can also pick up a range of accessories to sharpen up your brewing game, we have you covered.


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Blended to be different;
blended to be extraordinary

From The
Ground Up

Built from the ground up by two mates from Bolton who are extremely passionate about FLAVOUR and creating products that you’ll want to share with your friends and your family.

Challenging the everyday routine is at the heart of what we do. The exploration of taste started long before our launch in 2017, but ever since then, we haven't wavered on our commitment to providing a range of exciting products using nothing but natures finest ingredients.

The ingredients we source are from farms located around the world, these are then blended into luxurious, vegan-based blends ready to be consumed in a variety of ways.

Our Story


It has been a period in all our lives, a shared experience each and everyone one of us will remember for as long as we are lucky to be here.

What have we learnt? What will change, anything?

Well, for one, we have learnt we aren’t as untouchable as we may have thought and nature is perhaps taking its due cause, it’s way of giving us a rather significant wake up call.

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Our business is built upon strong partnerships and we love working with passionate, like minded people who care about the products they serve. 

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