What Makes a Good Hot Chocolate- The Holy Grail

20 December, 2023

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When choosing a Hot Chocolate there are many things to consider, from the texture & flavour, to the farms that meticulously grow the crops and the quality of the ingredients used.

Within this blog we are going to explore the ingredients needed to make the perfect hot chocolate and things you, as a café owner, need to consider, to ensure your hot chocolate is bursting with flavour!

The star of the show with any Hot Chocolate is the Cocoa. The quality of this Cocoa is vital in delivering a hot chocolate rich in flavour and I am excited to pull back the curtain on the world of hot chocolate exploring the difference between High-Fat Content Cocoa and Low-Fat Content Cocoa

 Before I go into the differences, I thought I would give a little introduction into how Cocoa powder is manufactured…

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• Cocoa powder comes from pods that are grown on Cocoa Trees. These pods contain Cocoa Beans, which are harvested when ripe. The majority for the Worlds Cocoa comes from West Africa with the other notable territory being South America.

• Once the beans have been harvested, they are placed in shallow containers and covered with banana leaves. These beans are left to ferment for between 5-7 days, which is crucial in developing the flavour of the Cocoa

• Following fermentation, the beans are then spread out to dry in the sun, which can take another week

• Once the beans are fully dry, they are sent off to be processed with the Europeans leading the way when it comes to Cocoa production.

• The beans are roasted and then winnowed, which is a process that separates the shells from the Cocoa Nibs

• The Cocoa Nibs are then ground into a paste which is called Chocolate Liquor. The chocolate liquor can be further processed to separate the Cocoa Solids from Cocoa Butter. This is done by a process called Pressing, which extracts the Cocoa Butter from the Cocoa Liquor leaving a solid mass of Cocoa

• The Solid Cocoa is the ground to make the Cocoa we enjoy and Cocoa Butter can be used in other areas in food manufacturing

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High fat cocoa powder contains at least 22% cocoa butter, double the amount of most supermarket store Cocoa products. This means at the Pressing Stage of Cocoa production more Cocoa Butter is retained within the powder resulting in a richer chocolate flavour.

Here at Blendsmiths HQ, a High-Fat Content Cocoa is a non-negotiable, as we believe it is essential in crafting the most indulgent and luxurious Cocoa creations. You might wonder why we exclusively choose a High-Fat Cocoa?

This is because it gives an unparalleled chocolate experience, with a depth of flavour that takes you on journey of taste exploration – it's the secret sauce that elevates our Hot Chocolate to unparalleled heights. Here's why high-fat content cocoa reigns supreme:

Intense Chocolatey Flavour - High-fat content cocoa boasts an intense, robust, bold and complex flavour that delivers an indulgent Hot Chocolate Silky & Creamy Texture - With a higher Cocoa Butter content,

High-Fat Cocoa ensures a velvety, creamy texture that's pure indulgence – it’s not just a drink it’s a sensory experience that lingers on your palate. The luxurious mouthfeel elevates your hot chocolate, creating a silky experience that resonates with every sip.

Cocoa Chocolate

We are drinks specialist, which means we choose what the right Cocoa for producing the finest hot chocolate. We don’t need a versatile Cocoa that can be used for a number of other things, we pick the very best cocoa to make hot chocolate.

For us a Low-Fat Cocoa has a milder and less intense flavour, delivering a thinner texture which is just not synonymous for a luxury hot chocolate. We believe that when taking that first sip of hot chocolate you should be transported to a realm of unparalleled indulgence.

High-Fat Content Cocoa ensures that every cup is a luxurious experience that keeps customers coming back for more. For us it is without a doubt the cornerstone of excellence.

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Chris Farnworth

Co-Founder, Blendsmiths