Marshmallow Secrets - The Insider's Guide to Vegan Marshmallows

05 December, 2023

Our NEW gelatin free, vegan vanilla flavoured marshmallows

In the world of confectionery delights, few treats evoke childhood memories and whimsical joy quite like marshmallows. Soft, fluffy, and irresistibly sweet, these pillowy wonders have found their way into our lives, from cosy campfire nights to topping off your favourite Blendsmiths hot chocolate.

A mere glance at their puffy, cloud-like form can induce a craving for their sugary goodness. Traditionally made from sugar or corn syrup and gelatin whipped to airy perfection, they're a concoction of sweetness that seems almost too perfect - maybe even a treat created by the gods.

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to enjoy the fluffy treat mixed with honey and nuts, it was considered a very special dish reserved for gods and royalty.


The DARK Side

But are marshmallows as sweet as they appear? While the primary ingredient is sugar, they do indeed have a darker side. Marshmallows are beloved for their sweet and fluffy nature, a significant component that often goes unnoticed is gelatin.

It’s derived from animal collagen, primarily sourced from pigskins, cow hides, and bones.The process of extracting gelatin involves boiling these animal parts, breaking down their connective tissues to create the gelatinous substance.

We can thank the French for this added ingredient, in the 19th century they transformed the recipe, removing the sap of the marshmallow plant (Althaea officinalis) and replacing it with gelatin. In doing this, the fluffy confectionary we recognise today raises ethical and dietary concerns for certain groups of people.



Why We Care

We are crafted for the curious- aiming to change the way the world drinks - that includes the extras!

You might have noticed that finding delicious vegan marshmallows to complement your hot chocolate can be tricky. This is something that we needed to change!

So we have launched some fluffy and moreish pink & white mini marshmallows, packed with a natural vanilla flavour. They are even 14 allergens free! With all our Blends being made from natural, quality, ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients, it of course makes sense that any Marshmallows we bring to your cup would follow suit.

The ‘posh hot chocolate’ is conquering the UK. More and more people want a delicious, quality cocoa drink WITH marshmallows on top. This posh hot chocolate with all the trimmings is a magic that ALL should enjoy- no matter the dietary requirement.

You will not find any gelatin in our soft Mini Marshmallows

We use an alternative called carrageenan, also known as carrageen or Irish moss. It originates from dried red seaweed and develops a gel-like consistency once it’s boiled. Making it a staple in vegan confectionery and gives marshmallows the versatility to take on various shapes and sizes.


Why Aren't All Marshmallows Vegan?

The question is, with so many alternative ingredients now on the market; why aren’t all marshmallows vegan? Manufacturers still use gelatin in their recipes for several reasons including pricing and texture.

Though with a range of affordable alternatives available on the market including agar-agar (derived from seaweed) or various pectins to achieve a similar texture, it seems like a no-brainer that we should take a leaf out of the Ancient Egyptians book and have a more natural approach to these timeless confections. Marshmallow's transformation, rich history, and widespread appeal throughout the ages has evolved to become a beloved confectionery enjoyed in various forms across the world today.

Whether you are an Original Choc Blend drinker or love our White Chocolate Blend, make sure to your beverage is at the peak of perfection with our delicious Blendsmiths Vanilla Mini Marshmallows - we promise, you will never have to have to look gelatin marshmallows in the face again!

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