How to Make the Perfect Vegan Iced Lattes: Exploring Delicious Alternatives 

24 May, 2023

When it comes to refreshing vegan beverages, iced lattes offer a delightful blend of flavours and a satisfying coolness. While coffee-based lattes are popular, there's a world of possibilities beyond coffee. In this blog post, we'll guide you through five essential tips to create the perfect vegan iced lattes using alternative flavours like Matcha, Chai, Chocolate, Turmeric, or even a combination. Get ready to explore these mouthwatering options!

1. Pick the perfect non-dairy milk

To craft a delicious vegan iced latte, start by choosing the perfect non-dairy milk that complements your chosen flavour. For Matcha lattes, try using creamy oat Milk. Chai lattes pair beautifully with coconut milk, while iced Choc lattes shine with rich and indulgent cashew milk. Turmeric lattes work wonderfully with oat milk or soy milk. Experiment with different milk alternatives to find the one that harmonizes best with your chosen flavour and your taste preferences.

2. Make it smooth

If you are a fan of colourful and health-boosting alternative lattes, you know that achieving a smooth and lump-free texture is essential for a truly satisfying sip. To achieve a consistently velvety lump-free drink, create a paste with your Blends before adding to your drink. Mix a small amount of hot water with your Blend of choice to form a smooth paste. For an extra touch of smoothness- particularly with our Beetroot, Turmeric and Chai Blends), strain your iced latte before serving. Pour the prepared latte through a fine-mesh sieve into your serving glass.

3. Shaken not stirred

Enhance the texture of your vegan iced lattes using this clever iced latte hack. Try placing your ice and milk into a sealable container (like a cocktail shaker or mason jar) and shaking vigorously for about 30s –1minute. This Elevate your drink to the next level, giving you that barista-level, smooth and satisfying texture.

4. Play with ice cream substitutes

For a luxurious and creamy texture, consider using non-dairy ice cream in your vegan iced lattes. Experiment with your ice-cream flavour pairings- Our Matcha Blend works great with strawberry or vanilla ice-cream, and caramel is delicious with our Chai Blend. Simply add your non-dairy milk, Blendsmiths Blend and a scoop of your chosen ice-cream to a blender to create a velvety latte experience that will leave you craving more..

5. Have fun with flavour pairings

The best thing about making your own vegan iced lates is making it unique to your flavour palate. We know you love being curious about flavour and so trying mixing up your usual iced chai by adding a in some of our Original Choc Blend. A scoop of our White Choc Blend adds a beautiful sweetness to a classic Matcha Iced Latte. You can even make a redvelvet iced latte by combining our Beetroot Blend with one of our Choc Blends. The possibilities are endless!

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6. Make it beautiful

Make your vegan iced lattes truly Instagrammable instantly with these two considerations. What drinkware are you using? You wouldn’t serve a fine wine in a mug (or would you?) especially if you're a bliever of the impact of all senses on the taste experience, so why should your Blendsmiths Iced Latte be any different? Whether it’s a tall and elegant Collins glass or a hipster mason jar, getting the right glass can be a gamechanger for your iced latte experience. Get Garnishing. Dust matcha lattes with a sprinkle of matcha powder or decorate them with delicate edible flowers. For chai lattes, top them off with a dash of cinnamon or a cinnamon stick. Drizzle vegan chocolate sauce and sprinkle cacao nibs on iced chocolate lattes. For turmeric lattes, a pinch of ground cinnamon is perfect.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

With these 6 tips, you are ready to embark on a flavourful journey through the world of vegan iced lattes. Whichever Blends you choose, it's sure to be deliciously satisfying. Remember to select the ideal milk, make it smooth, give it a shake, be flavour-curious, and garnish your creations to perfection. So, grab your ingredients, unleash your creativity, and enjoy the icy goodness of these delectable, iced vegan lattes.

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