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The Small Brand Effect

In today’s world it has become apparent that there is a ‘thirst’ for something different, whether that be a new and unusual flavour or a niche alternative brand.Consumers buying patterns are changing with more of an emphasis on transparency, empathy, consciousness with a desire to continually innovate, bringing new fresh products to the market. This has seen a rise in a number of micro brands that have tailored their marketing and their products to suit the need of their ‘local’ client base, which has seen them take market share away from the large global conglomerate’s.

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Starting a Business - Part 2

We have read many books about successful businesses, books about successful people, we’ve worked in some of these businesses ourselves and one thing stands true of them all, consistency.Consistency doesn’t mean resting on your laurels or standing still.A business, a person, a group of people can be creative, innovative, fast paced and be consistent. Growth can happen, the speed in which things happen can change but consistency can be achieved throughout all of this.

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Starting a Business

If you are reading this, welcome to the very first Blendsmiths blog entry!We’ve waited until now to launch into our blog entries and for good reason, we wanted to bring insightful, useful and most importantly, interesting content to anyone listening (or reading in this case).It’s been 12 months since we mustered the courage, opened our wallets and stepped into the unknown.In truth, we knew little about running our own business but who does in the very beginning?Just type into Google search the words ‘starting your own business’ and you’ll discover thousands of articles, books, videos and BLOGS related.

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