Get Cosy: How to Make the Most of the Autumn Winter Season

20 October, 2023

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It’s been a mild month so far to say the least, but now as the cold snap sets in, we know you’re wondering how to cope with the winter cold, dark days, and dreary weather.

So, as the leaves change colour, the air turns crisp and Autumn sweeps in with its unique charm, we’re inviting you to learn how to slow down and savour the beauty of the season rather than waste your winter wishing hibernation was also for humans.

Here, we’re sharing five ideas to help you put any SAD symptoms aside and stay warm and cosy this winter.

1. All the cosy textiles

Let’s not focus on the cold or the hefty heating bills, instead, just wrap yourself in warmth and comfort this autumn and winter with a myriad of cosy textiles.

Dig out those soft, chunky-knit blankets, plush pillows and all the scarves your heart desires. More than just accessories, cosy textiles are an essential tool for creating your own sanctuary of warmth.

Layer your sofas, soften your outfit and adorn your dining chairs with these cosy must-haves, and you'll find yourself feeling at peace with their welcoming softness as the cold snap sets in.
We love these cosy berber cushions currently on sale at Rae Lifestyle.

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2. Find the Best Cosy coffee shops

Now that you’ve got your home geared up for cosy comfort, it can seem tempting to stay in, but when it comes to our mental wellbeing, it can be really beneficial to get some fresh air and socialisation in.

If you ask us, there's nothing quite like the welcoming ambiance of a cosy coffee shop. Be sure to grab your warmest scarf and that snuggly coat you’ve been keen to show off and explore the charm of local cafes that serve up warming lattes, hot chocolates, soothing Matcha and spiced seasonal favourites.

Bring your laptop, a good book, or a friend, and let the soothing hum of conversation and a perfectly poured drink envelop you in comfort. ...and if you need recommendations, we’ve got plenty!

The Milkman Coffee, Edinburgh

The MilkMan, Edinburgh- one of our favourite cosy coffee shops. Photo credit: @melodyjoyco .

3. Cosy cooking and seasonal baking


The only thing better than a warm and cosy house, is a warm and cosy house that smells like freshly baked goods. Embrace the therapeutic power of baking during the colder months.

Baking not only fills your home with delightful aromas but also warms your heart. Whip up a batch of fresh Chai cookies or try your hand at homemade bread. Adding some Blendmsiths Turmeric & Cinnamon Blend to a simple Sourdough loaf makes for a perfect wholesome seasonal bake.

The act of baking itself is a joyful and fulfilling experience that can help you cope with the winter blues...not to mention getting to share and enjoy the delicious treats afterwards!

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4. Plan a hot choc night in

Done are the days of dragging yourself out for those dreary, dark, late nights out on the town.

Now it’s all about cultivating close-knit friend groups by hosting cosy nights in. Did you ever think to host ‘Hot Choc night’ with friends or family? This is your sign to!

Here’s how it goes: everyone brings their favourite mug and cosiest outfit.

Then, you all get to choose a Blendsmiths Choc of choice - be it White, Original Choc, Dark, 70% or even spice it up with Chilli.

Next, everyone gets creative, choosing from exciting toppings such as whipped cream, marshmallows, biscoff crumbs, Oreos and even chocolate sauce drizzles. How fun is that?

With good company and a warm beverage, you'll make memories and will completely forget about the chill outside.


5. Get seasonally spiced

If it’s not warm outside, you can warm up on the inside. It’s that one time of year you can really get into the spices that are both delicious and comforting.

Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger found in our Chai and superfood blends, not only add flavour but also provide a cosy, comforting sensation that can help chase away the winter chill with their nostalgic burst.

These spices also have a host of health benefits to help you fight off any winter flu that might be lurking and ready to knock you down.

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Take Extra Care of Your Mental Health

All the above cosy rituals are great and can really help us make the most of the season.

But we feel it’s important to make a specific acknowledgement here about the toll that winter can take on mental health. The colder, darker days can sometimes weigh heavy on our spirits.

It’s therefore absolutely crucial to reach out, not just to embrace the coziness but to extend a hand to yourself and those around you. Remember, you are never alone in this. Take time to check in with your own mental well-being, and don't hesitate to ask for and offer support to friends and family who might be feeling the winter blues.

Here are some resources to help you and those you care about navigate these challenging times:

Mind: Mind provides information and support for anyone experiencing mental health difficulties. Visit

Samaritans: The Samaritans offer a helpline and emotional support for those in distress. You can reach them at 116 123 (free 24/7 helpline) or visit

NHS Every Mind Matters: The NHS provides resources for maintaining and improving mental well-being. Explore their guidance at NHS Every Mind Matters.

Calm: Calm is dedicated to preventing male suicide and offers support and resources for men's mental health. Visit The Calm Zone.

 This winter, let's not only nurture physical coziness but also emotional warmth. By looking out for one another, practicing self-care, and seeking help when needed, we can make the autumn and winter seasons a time of connection, support, and resilience.

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Jasmine Feingold

Marketing Executive, Blendsmiths