Matcha White 250g (Limited Edition)
Matcha White 250g (Limited Edition)

Matcha White 250g (Limited Edition)

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The best of nature. Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Peruvian White Chocolate.

Our drinks are made from natural ingredients and blended into a powder. We carefully source the very best ingredients available from premium farms across the UK and around the world.

Instructions: Drop 4 heaped teaspoons of Matcha White (22g) into your milk pitcher (6oz) and steam. Alternatively, make a paste with a dash of hot water and add warm milk. Why not try it cold – simply put milk, ice and Matcha White powder into a blender.

Ingredients: Premium Peruvian Cacao Butter, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Sea-Salt, Organic Coconut Sugar and Organic Skimmed Milk Powder.


Gluten free, dairy free and vegan-friendly.

11 Servings

Storage: Once opened, reseal bag and store in a cool, dry place.