Fiery Chilli Chocolate Blend
Fiery Chilli Chocolate Blend
Fiery Chilli Chocolate Blend
Fiery Chilli Chocolate Blend
Fiery Chilli Chocolate Blend


A luxurious chocolate with a fiery kick

A medium roasted cacao provides a creamy, full bodied chocolate with a delicate sweetness. This chocolate is accompanied by some wonderful friends; The Chilli is hand-harvested from India, washed and dried using industrial dryers to decreased the drying time, providing a unique uniformity, increasing colour and pungency.

We have also used organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic pepper and dairy free coconut milk powder from the Philippines.

Chocolate takes the lead in this beverage but the heat of the chillies chines through nicely, providing a really interesting mouthfeel before slowly disappearing ready for your next sip.

The chocolate blend is designed specifically for those people expecting a kick. Each ingredient has been specifically picked and plays an important role in bringing the blend together.

At Blendsmiths, we like to experiment and challenge the status quo and this Limited-Edition Chilli Chocolate is absolutely no exception. We are thrilled to present a pairing of ingredients that goes way back, so far back in fact that the combination was once considered the food of gods!Of course, we've put our own twist in things!

Chocolate with chillies was a drink of status amongst the Aztec rules. We might have been born and bred in the deluges of Northern England but if its good enough for the Aztecs then it's good enough for us.


|  16  servings per bag

|  32  servings per bag

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Chocolate arrives in all shapes and sizes, and sadly, all levels of quality.The cocoa market is a busy one for sure, and extremely competitive worldwide. When we were penciling out our map for Blendsmiths, the creation of chocolate products was our lengthiest discussion and possibly are most difficult task at hand.

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