For the design process, we worked with Wildnut Studios in a collaborative capacity, to ensure we upheld the brand’s origins. We agreed on not creating a completely new style, but rather greatly improving and expanding on the existing packaging materials.

As a result, we discovered new grounds and have reformed our visual marketing as a whole with the expertise of the team at Wildnut Studios.

Tiffany is one of the business partners at Blendsmiths and studied Design at University - without her, the brand wouldn't have gotten off the ground.

She created a series of sketched core ingredients  of our blends and they have been instrumental in representing the Blendsmiths brand ever since, we didn't want to lose this, only enhance and emphasise with the introduction of Wildnut Studios.


Say hi to the design team
from Wildnut Studios who
worked in collaboration with
us to bring our vision to life.

Team member

Bobby Kirkland

Senior Creative Artworker

Bobby has acquired the title ‘Senior Creative Artworker’ not by default but as a testament to his years of experience throughout his design career thus far.

From his early days as a graphic designer within the food and drink industry, Bobby found himself in the direction of artworking and developed a true passion for detail and perfection in accuracy.

With a penchant for artwork, Bobby’s vocation excelled in the field of design. He consequently went on to successfully apply these skills within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Since, Bobby has worked and collaborated with some of the world’s leading brands and companies on an international level via traditional and digital means.

Currently, Bobby specialises in digital media creation through application and artwork design, with an extensive level of skill and capability in tow – he is an integral part of Wildnut and brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise to any given project.

Team member

Murat Ismail

Founder & Head of Design

Murat Ismail is the Founder and Head of Creative at Wildnut. Whilst studying art in London, Murat discovered an affinity for graphics, in particular print and typography.

Murat pursued his new-found love for graphic design by applying his skills to creative computing with the inception of digital applications. Combining traditional and digital methods Murat entered the world of design, working in the F&B and hospitality sectors. He went on to establish himself as one of the UK’s most acclaimed graphics designer and creator of brand identities for some of London’s top bars and restaurant groups.

Murat further enhanced his career as Global Head of Design for leading luxury tea company Newby Teas. Utilising his creative intellect and intuition, Murat applied his skillset to create award-winning designs, for both restaurant and retail packaging. With a plethora of knowledge and experience behind him, Murat has gone on to establish a progressive design studio.

At Wildnut, close bonds are formed with clients, built on the foundations of close collaboration, strong partnerships and deep understanding.