Carbon Footprint 

Carbon Footprint

Smallholders trained on climate smart practices.GHG emission and build in climate resilience. Fossil-fuelled growth, and the emission of greenhouse gases that accompanies it, has led the world to climate change that will have major consequences for millions of people and the natural world around us.

This is why the majority of our suppliers have called for tax on carbon. Commercial enterprises must be incentivised to decouple growth from carbon - and there must be a higher cost to doing business as usual, if companies are unwilling to change.Only then can we stimulate a concerted effort to increase fossil fuel efficiency and comma, more crucially encourage innovation into alternative energies and efficiency measures.

On our part, our main suppliers are already actively under taking valuation studies in collaboration with other companies and agencies to determine a viable carbon-pricing framework.



It has been a period in all our lives, a shared experience each and everyone one of us will remember for as long as we are lucky to be here.

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