About us

Our blends combine the finest ingredients to produce something unique and distinctive.

The success of any blend lies in its ability to unite separate elements into a seamless whole - or, a harmonious and unified arrangement of parts

At Blendsmiths, we source natures finest ingredients from around the world into luxurious, non-caffeine based drinks. All of which are gluten free and vegan friendly.

Our unique blending process enables us to achieve a distinct taste, using only natural ingredients sourced from premium farms across the UK and around the world.

Our Chai, Turmeric and Beetroot drinks are blends of several premium natural spices. Premium grade green tea leaves ground into a powder - thats our beautiful Matcha. Chocolate needs no introduction, we source the best cocoa available.



He’s spent years working in the speciality coffee industry across multiple continents. He spent a lot of time drinking it too, and while doing so he not only noticed the burgeoning interest in café culture but also found an increasing interest in something that added a new twist to the standard cafe menu. Exciting and interesting ingredients like Turmeric, Matcha and Chai were suddenly livening up cafes, and there was a wave of interest in adventurous craft products. Rapidly developing a strong passion for these flavorsome drinks, Ryan helped launch a range of specialty drinks while in Auckland. The launch was a success and Urban Blends is now served in hundreds of coffee shops across New Zealand and Australia. Buzzing with success (or maybe caffeine) Ryan returned to the UK, with a bold plan to bring the drinks home. He had all the knowledge, principles and passion, and using an intricate, unique blending process, developed a range of premium speciality drinks any coffee shop would be proud to serve. All he needed was a friend to help him bring his vision to life… which is where Chris comes in.


Chris has always enjoyed the café culture and jumped at the chance of teaming up with Ryan to set up Blendsmiths. Having always wanted to work together they set out with developing a range of natural, speciality lattes with an emphasis on TASTE. With Chris having a background in finance, the duo has a nice ‘blend’ of skills that complement each other, allowing them to bring this unique range of drinks to the market.